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Profreight's Netball Team

And on to the finals we went....our Profreight Team Rocks!
There was a quiet nervousness amoungst the team as they prepared to enter the court in what would be the ultimate challenge - playing in the Finals!  The team had come a long way.
The team held their own in the first quarter.  It was action packed with some very good ball handling skills and net manouvers!  By half time things had slid away a little and we were on the back foot. 
At the 3/4 mark - we were back in contention thanks to some extremely impressive goal shooting and fast hands  ..... we were not going to roll over!  
The last quarter truely sparked excitement - there was tention building in those final moments as the game was nearing its end....  the supporters got a little louder.....we were closing the gap on the opposition, the game could have gone either way! 
The whistle blew....... final score was 36 - 38 to the opposition.   Soooooo close!

(Mike, Hina, Fatu, Joanna, Lutia, Alison, Josh, Joe, Rose & Ryan)

We are all very proud of you - fantastic team effort! 
Netball Team Web.JPG
Left to Right - Back:  Josh, Fatu, Alison and Mike  
Front: Joseph & Hina (Team Manager)

We made it into the Semi's....... 
One day... someone mentioned netball.  A Profreight Netball Team to play in a tournament sounded like fun....
There was the challenge! to get a team together - to play each week.

No more encouragement was needed....the challenge was on the table... in true Profreight fashion, our team jumped at the opportunity.
Hina (now Team Manager) set the wheels in motion -- we had a team, we had a venue, we had a tournament to play in!
The Profreight Management Team backed this initiative, sponsored the team and provided cool T/shirts!  You've got to look good to win!
We didn't get off to a grand start, it appears our competition was a little more experienced - but our team was having great fun playing and thoroughly enjoyed themselves - results were marginal to say the least.
There were stories of man hugs in the nets, push & shove centre court - we thought these were friendly games!  Our team learnt quickly that to win they would need to dig deep, draw on more than .. 'we're here to have fun'.... this was serious business.. a more focused set strategy was required!  All team members needed to be there before the game started!
Well... the tables turned alright.... teamwork prevailed, our guys got savvy, they weren't going down without a fight!
Yes....with Profreight determination and fiest, in came the wins, one after the other! 

We had what it takes, our team showed what they are made of.... all things Profreight!

Watch this space.......we are in the semi's this Tuesday night !   

No pressure guys - failure is just not an option....




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