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Motor Vehicle Imports

Motor Vehicle Imports

If you are thinking about importing a vehicle, we can assist. Please contact this office and we will supply you with a quotation. More common area's to import from are the USA, UK, and Japan.

For clearance purposes we can look after all the procedures for you, at a cost. Please contact this office for a complete quotation. Alternatively you can action the clearance yourself as per the schedule below.

To obtain delivery of the vehicle you need to arrange an agricultural clearance for the vehicle through the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and arrange for a Customs clearance. To obtain delivery Customs control require:


The agriculture clearance
Your passport
Invoice receipt showing total price paid and date of purchase
Registration papers or Certificate of Permanent Export (UK), Certificate of Title (USA), or De-registration Certificate (Japan)
Invoice showing export costs (Japan)
Invoice showing freight costs and insurance to New Zealand
Bill of Lading
Odometer reading at time of sale for export to New Zealand
Odometer reading at time of importation into New Zealand After Customs clearance.

The vehicle should then be transported (not driven, as it does not comply with NZ's regulations at this time) to a Vehicle Testing Station. Here the vehicle will be inspected and tested to ensure that it complies with all LTSA regulations (Land Transport Safety Authority) and a compliance audit for certification for registration.


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