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Training Day - Formula e


The day started with everyone gathering together at 8.15am at Formula e, the chosen venue for the day. 

The days training programme got underway at 8.30 with our two facilitators Elena & Terry.  As you do in these training sessions, we found out a little about each other, and so we started the day knowing that we had a chef, a telephone book tearer, one who likes eating pigs eyes, a pianist, and a xylophone player to name just a few of the hidden talents!

We stopped for morning tea, cakes & coffee - yummy! Then back to the grind.  Everyone focused on the programme at hand.  Then came lunch.  Yet more yummy food & coffee!  Back into the training mode having let the food digest in the warm sun.  Some fantastic ideas, and goals have come from everyone, and everyone is still smiling!  Afternoon tea time.  Time for yet another quick nibble, toilet stop, chat, then right back into it.  Our training ended in one big group hug! ohhhhhh  everyone had the warm fuzzies!  We had some fantastic results, and our team had a great time.  

Now it was time for some more serious bonding and friendly competition - on the race track!  Quick safety briefing, then teams were pulled out of the hat, and we were racing in teams of two!  The first drivers went out for their 20 laps, came in and tapped their second driver - this gave everyone the chance to hone their driving skills.  As the first race was nearing the checkered flag, things started to get quite competitive and we saw some position realignment happening!  

That was the warm up - now everyone had the idea, and knew which crazy drivers they needed to take on, or stay out of the way of!  So once round the track and into the grid formation, watching the lights, and away the first drivers went, no mucking about this time, serious stuff, madness prevailed.  Speeds were faster, the bumps were harder, some driving was just attroucious!   After 20 laps in came the first drivers to bump their team member into the race, some being shunted into pit lane - caos.  It was all on now, not for the faint hearted, there was a lot at stake, pride & trophies!  With the final checkered flag they screamed on past the onlookers all cheering for their team member, frantically watching the TV screen for any change in lap times and final positioning.  

Then it was all over - we had a winning team - Holly & Gary R - Congratulations!  Nice driving.

Everyone had worked up a hunger by this stage so it was time for food again!  Spit roast for dinner with all the trimmings. 

The team had a great day - here are some of our pics.

Team building racing 1 webTeam building racing 2 web

Team Building Fatu WebTeam Building Racing Web

Team building briefing webTeam building race talk web

Team building winners webTraining Day Food Web

Team building EOD web



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