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The " Ministry of Primary Industries" is a government department that looks after horticulture and forestry, safe food, a protected environment, the wise use of the land, the creation of clean green product, and the economic success of those who produce it.

For the purpose of importing and exporting product MPI works in closely with S/lines, Airlines, Port Authorities, NZ Customs, Freight Forwarders and the NZ public.

The regulations laid out by MPI are in place to protect the country and the people who reside within our fair shores. It is the responsibility of the importer and exporter to ensure that they comply with all regulations. It is the responsibility of MPI to ensure the rules and regulations are adhered to.

We are here to help you, help us. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact this office and we will ensure you are pointed in the right direction. Alternatively go to our links page to access the web pages of MPI NZ.



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