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Personal Effects


Personal Effects

Before you can pick up your goods they must be cleared with "Customs" and the "Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry".
We can look after these procedures for you, at a cost. Please contact this office for a complete quotation. Alternatively you can action the clearance yourself as per the schedule below.

Things you Need

*       Your Passport

*       A copy of the Bill of Lading

*       A Full Packing List (a list of what goods you have shipped)

*       A copy of our Arrival Notification.

You must take all of the above mentioned Papers with you.

  1. Go to your nearest MAF ( Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries ) Office and complete an
    Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Declaration Form.
    There is a fee for this of approx. NZD 30.00 or less
    If an inspection is required there is an additional charge.

    Offices are situated at Auckland City & Auckland Airport.
    50 Anzac Ave , Auckland City Open 8.30am - 4.00 Pm Mon - Fri PH: 377-3008
    Tom Pearce Drive, Auckland International Airport Open 8.30am - 4.00 Pm Mon - Fri PH: 274-5418

    IF YOU ARE NOT IN AUCKLAND PLEASE PHONE 09 377-3008 for your nearest MAF Branch
  2. Next you need to go to NZ CUSTOMS and explain that you would like to customs clear your personal effects.
    Any GST & Duty Payable is at the discretion of NZ Customs. Please note you must customs clear your goods within 20 workings days after the date of importation of the goods, thereafter your goods may be seized by customs and destroyed.

    Offices are situated at Auckland City & Auckland Airport
    50 Anzac Ave, Auckland City Open 8.30am - 4.00pm Mon - Fri PH: 359-6516
    Tom Pearce Drive, Auckland International Airport, Open 8.30am - 4.00pm Mon - Fri PH: 275-9059

    IF YOU ARE NOT IN AUCKLAND PLEASE PHONE 0800 428 786 for your nearest customs Branch
  3. The last step is to settle the Profreight invoice for charges. This can either be paid by CASH,
    Bank Cheque, or transferral of the amount to our Bank Account ( Please place the Job # or Bill of lading # as a reference, this number is on our arrival notification)


Once you have the MAF & Customs clearance documents and our charges have been paid we will issue a DELIVERY ORDER either to yourselves or lodge it at the unpack depot for you.

You can now pick-up your goods. If you are unable to uplift your goods because they are too big / heavy we can organize to have them delivered at your cost.


From the ETA of the vessel the cargo is normally available the following day. Once this cargo has been unpacked your have 4 FREE WORKING DAYS to uplift your goods. If you are unsure of when it starts please call this office.

After this time the Depot will charge Storage and this needs to be paid directly to the depot when cargo is uplifted. No payment, no uplift.


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